Yael Deckelbaum & the Prayer of the Mothers ensemble - International Music Showcase Festival 2017
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Yael Deckelbaum & the Prayer of the Mothers ensemble

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17/11/2017, 14:05-14:30
Yael Deckelbaum & the Prayer of the Mothers ensemble

A new boundary breaking all woman ensemble, uniting on one stage 14 secular, religious, Muslim, Christian and Jewish women, announcing together through a celebration of womanhood, the message of the new world.
Yael Deckelbaum created the song “Prayer of the Mothers” to support the march of hope, lead by the movement of “Women Wage Peace”, in which thousands of Israeli and Palestinian women marched together this last October in a joint prayer for peace.
The song became the anthem of the march and continues to resonate to millions of people, the prayer that has been shared by people in Spain, Italy, France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, UK, Brazil and more.
The ensemble will perform new musical compositions created by Yael with collaboration with other woman, in English, Hebrew and Arabic.
The songs carry the message of achieving peace through non violence and the current women’s global awakening and leadership that is rising, taking responsibility and bringing us closer to inclusivity and mutual trust.

Musical Producer: Adam Ben Amitai

 Yael Deckelbaum: Lead vocals
Karen Teperberg: Drums
Tal Sandman: Guitar
Gal Maestro: Double bass
Tal Avraham: Trumpet
Daniel Rubin: Keyboard, Vocals
 Liron Meyuhas: Percussion, Vocals
 Adaluz Khouriyeh: Vocals
Yirat Yaakov: Vocals
Batchen Edri: Vocals
Einat Harel: Vocals
Meera Eilabouni: Vocals