Double-Bass phenomenon, multi-instrumentalist and online sensation Adam Ben Ezra; a man seemingly on a mission to bring his instrument from its status as a background note to the dominant front-presence it deserves. For the past few years Adam has been pushing his craft in new, exciting directions and carving out a unique spot for himself in today’s international musical landscape.
Both his Trio and Solo albums showcase not just a virtuoso performer but also a sensitive composer with no musical boundaries, combining elements of jazz, rock and world music to create a sweeping, fascinating and versatile sound. With his third new album out in the fall (2019), Adam promises the listener an even newer sound than that of his previous releases. You can expect a rich mix of genres, beats, vibes and grooves delivered emotionally and authentically in the way that only Adam Ben Ezra knows.
Double bass, Piano, Vocals, Electronics, Side flute
Adam Ben Ezra